Deep Hull

Deep Hull

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Keep on keeping on..

Now I've started to blog again, I don't want to let the habit lapse. It really is nice to be able to look back on what we've done.

So, a couple of weeks ago, Coral offered me a ticket to the ballet.  Her friend had bought her two tickets as a birthday gift but then couldn't make it herself so it wasn't going to cost me anything.  Can't refuse a bit of free ballet!  It was a Saturday matinee performance of Cinderella by the Russian State Ballet of Siberia and it was lovely.  I'm pleased I know the story because there were parts that we struggled to understand what they were portraying.  The wicked stepmother was hilariously played by a male dancer and he was brilliant.  A lovely day out and a G&T in the bar at the theatre.

On the Sunday, I persuaded Patrick to go to the cinema to watch The Greatest Showman.  I knew it was a musical but he didn't and I was a bit concerned that he may not be enjoying it.  He's not a massive fan of films where the characters suddenly burst into song and dance routines!  However we both thoroughly enjoyed it.  The songs were fantastic, the dancing wonderful and a great story to boot.  At the end, I was buzzing, it felt almost like we had been to a theatre performance and that we should be on our feet applauding the actors.  I would highly recommend anyone to see it.  If I had to sum it up in one word I think I would choose Joyous.  We enjoyed a lovely meal at Sleepers for tea and then home for a cuppa.

During the week, work had started on paving our front garden for a driveway.  It was well underway on the Saturday of the ballet and was all finished on Monday 29th January.  It will be lovely to be able to park on there and not have to park under trees and have my car covered in bird droppings every day.

Monday, 29 January 2018

More Knitting

I really do have my knitting mojo back at the moment and I'm really enjoying it.  The stranded colourwork was a challenge for me but I finished the first mitten and am reasonably pleased with the result.  Yeah, some of the floats are a bit long and loopy but for a first project, it's not bad at all.

 I'll get around to knitting the second mitt at some point but have found myself distracted by other projects.

I've knitted a hat for Patrick in the lovely Paton's Australia Jet.  I bought lots of this yarn in various colourways from Kemp's a few years ago and have knitted myself cardigans and jumpers in it.  It's been one of my favourite yarns to knit with and for the cosy warmth of the finished items.  It is perfect for hats.  This is Helping Hats by canKNITian and I knitted the Cranberry version.  I have knitted this one before in beige Sirdar Hug and it's been his favourite hat but is well past it's best now.  Hence the new one.

I found some Jet on Ebay last week and as it's long since been discontinued, I was rather chuffed about it.  I bought a couple of balls each of black, navy and white and have just cast on a black version of the above.

I've cast on some socks for me as part of the Literary Socks KAL in the UK Sock Knitters group on Ravelry.  January's theme is Beatrix Potter so I've chosen a pattern that's been in my favourites for a while now.  Called 'Little Roses' with the link being that Beatrix Potter has a rose named after her and was a keen gardener herself.  I'm using Cygnet Truly Wool Rich 4ply in a lovely bright yellow.

It feels good to be enjoying my knitting again after such a long time.  I'm also hoping to get some baby clothes underway soon as another work colleague is having a baby in the summer.  Unusually, the couple don't want to know what flavour it is until he/she arrives which I think is lovely when it's your first.  So, I'll possibly knit a couple of options as I have some lovely girly patterns that I'm dying to knit.

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Huddersfield for Christmas

Ok, not actually in Huddersfield for Christmas but this trip was a Christmas present to Patrick from me so technically it was Huddersfield for Christmas.  Two nights in a Travelodge I know how to treat a man eh!

So, the plan was to visit Magic Rock Tap on Friday night, spend the Saturday mooching and shopping in Huddersfield town centre and then a Saturday night pub crawl around some of the fine ale lovers hostelries followed by a kebab at the legendary (to us anyhow) Kebabish.  Sounds good right?

The drive down the motorway was horrible, filthy weather and there had been an accident so bit of a delay too.  In that situation though you just have to thank your lucky stars that you are sitting in the traffic queue and not the alternative scenario.  We had stopped off at the Glasshoughton Outlet and unusually both managed to find something we liked.  I bought a lovely knee length padded coat in purple from Tog24 as well as a couple of pairs of ankle boots and Patrick some very nice brogues from Clarks.  We usually a bit rubbish at shopping so it was nice to go back to the car with shopping bags.  A scone and a hot choccie in the Thornton's cafe finished off that little excursion nicely.

After settling into the hotel room, off we set for Magic Rock Tap armed with the trusty (!!) Google maps navigation.  Just as we left, it started to bucket down so I was really pleased I had decided to wear my new waterproof coat.  We bumped into a former customer of our beer shop, Jez and his girlfriend, also on their way to Magic Rock.  We do seem to bump into Jez often at beery type events and places.  He mentioned that there was a tap takeover by Danish brewers Dry and Bitter which we hadn't known about.  Jez and Helena rushed off as the weather was truly awful by now and we lost sight of them.  The aforementioned Google maps being what it is, got us lost and we had to ask directions but we finally made it.  At first I didn't think I was going to enjoy the experience, it was hot, noisy and crowded and there appeared to be nowhere to sit.  However, we got our first drink, found a seat fairly quickly and were set for the night.  Me drinking thirds and Patrick on halves, we managed to sample a fair few beers between us.  The fish and chips from the visiting Hip Hop Chip Shop weren't the best ever but they served a purpose.

On Saturday morning, again using trusty Google maps to get us lost, we managed to make our way to a Wetherspoons for some breakfast.  The pavements were very icy and I'm sure our resemblance to Torvill and Dean must have been noticed!  Huddersfield is surprisingly well served by shopping centres although there's not a lot in the way of 'big name' shops.  The outdoor market is a bit disappointing in that it's more a car boot sale than a market but the indoor market at Queensgate was vast and I'm sure you could have got almost anything you wanted in there.  It was in House of Fraser though that Patrick managed to get everything he wanted.  He's been looking for a nice overcoat since the beginning of the year, we've found plenty but getting one that fits properly has been challenging to say the least.  Finally, on Saturday the mission was accomplished.  Skopes overcoat, waistcoat and trousers, all in the!

Bored of the shops, we popped into the Art Gallery and enjoyed an exhibition of paintings by Maxwell Doig.  The detail in them was amazing, at first we thought they were photographs.  I really did like his style and methods and would certainly go to another exhibition of his works should I stumble across one.

Bit of a random and surreal moment at a zebra crossing, three guys dressed as penguins doing a Beatles Abbey Road impression.  The leaflet someone shoved in my hand showed it to be a Greenpeace campaign Protect the Antarctic  If you want to support their campaign to create an Antarctic Ocean Sanctuary you can click the link and sign their petition or text PROTECT and your name to 60777 which will also sign the petition.

There is some lovely architecture in Huddersfield but I only managed to snap a couple of examples and I don't even think these were the best I spotted.  Patrick and Harold Wilson are looking pretty good in St George's Square at the station though.

On to Saturday night which was a bit of a car crash of a night out in a logistical sense!  The original plan was that I had selected 5 or 6 pubs based on CAMRA's WhatPub website.  We were to get a taxi to the furthest one from the town centre and pub crawl our way back finishing with a kebab at the aforementioned legendary Kebabish.  However, in the Art Gallery, we spotted a leaflet for the Huddersfield Real Ale Trail and as the pubs were all central and the weather was foul, we decided to follow that instead.  First up was The Sportsman, fantastic pub which we have visited before.  Great range of real ales and craft keg beers, we really should have stayed here all night!

The Sportsman bar
Next was The Kings Head which is at one end of the beautiful Victorian Rail station and in one of the former ticket offices which still has the original tiled floor.  Plenty of beers on the bar to choose from but I chose badly and left most of mine.  Get a look at that stunning floor though!

King's Head floor

The next three pubs, whose names now escape me were unfortunately closed down, the next one, Rhubarb had hardly anyone in it but those that were looked like they were extras from the set of TV show Shameless.  We didn't stay for a drink! 

So on to The Grove, or so we planned but in true Patrick and Jill style, we took a wrong turning and ended up at The Rat and Rachet instead.  This is an Ossett brewery pub and not being huge fans of their beers, we hadn't planned a stop here.  We were so cold and fed up though that we were tempted in.  The beer was enjoyable enough and I liked the place itself so it wasn't a bad move. 

Finally, after asking directions and still taking a wrong turn, we found ourselves in The Grove.  The place itself is a bit grotty to be honest but it really is a beer lover's mecca. Something like 19 beers on handpull and 15 Craft kegs, it wasn't easy to choose.  The deco of the place was a bit disturbing, featuring an array of stuffed animals, a beer-loving taxidermist's delight I'm sure.  I'd certainly visit again for the choice of beers though.

The Grove beer board

Patrick and Moose!

The walk back to the town centre was straightforward...unless you are called Patrick or Jill that is!  After a bit of confusion at one of the rather large and confusing road junctions which seem to be a characteristic of Huddersfield, we found ourselves on the long road back and on our way to Kebabish.  After all the hype and looking forward to this, I have to say that the kebab was a little disappointing in the end.  It hit the spot though!

Of course, the story doesn't end there.  We managed to get lost on the way back to the hotel again! 

All in all,  we had a really enjoyable weekend but next time, we wouldn't go in January, it's a much more pleasant experience getting lost in June or July!

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

New Knitting Challenge

2018 is going to be the year when I finally crack two-handed, stranded colourwork knitting and to that end I've started on some lovely mittens, complete with corrugated two-colour rib and a Latvian braid trim...Woooo, get me eh!

After struggling with the technique of knitting with both hands, I got a little carried away when it finally clicked into place and forgot to read the pattern instruction properly.  Therefore, my first mitten will have a thumb that is 5 rows lower than that of the second mitten because I simply ain't going to frog 5 rows of stranded colourwork.  Now, if these were to be a gift then I'd put this mistake right but as they are pretty much a learning project for me, I'm not going to obsess, just continue and learn from it.

I'm really enjoying the process now I've got my fingers to do as they are told!

What did I say about not obsessing and learning and moving on etc.?  I ended up tinking back, I just couldn't start the thumb knowing it was in the wrong place!  LOL.  Back on track now though and enjoying my knitting for the first time in ages.

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

New Year, New Start

2018. First work day of the year and what a beautiful sunrise to kick me into gear.

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Day 10 #100HappyDays

I didn't get chance to post yesterday so this is yesterday's choice of a happy moment.  I was feeling a bit fuzzy headed during the morning at work and as it was such a lovely sunny day I decided to pop out and head for the river bank.  Parking up in the local leisure centre car park, I had discovered some steps leading to fields and the river a while ago so over I went.  The first sight that greeted me was the lovely cheery buttercups.  So here they are.

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Day 9 #100HappyDays

Came home to my dinner cooked by Mason.  Very nice pasta sauce son!  'Scuse the lion onesy in the background of the photo - it's Mason's not mine!