Deep Hull

Deep Hull


I decided to start a blog, to track my knitting, my beer intake (hmmm) and my general day to day stuff and thoughts.  Not sure how often I'll blog or how long I'll keep it up, I'm a notorious starter of grand schemes but rarely a finisher!

Why doodlywhatsits then?  Well, it's favourite word of mine.  To be used, usually as a noun, whenever the right word just won't come out of your mouth.  For example "Pass me the doodlywhatsit please".  People usually know what I mean.

Who am I?  I'm Jill, I work as a Financial Controller for a local company, which sounds very grand but isn't really.  I was born and still live in Hull in East Yorkshire and am proud of it.  Hull gets a lot of bad press, usually from journalists who have never been anywhere near the place but believe what warped statistics tell them but there's a lot of good here too.  I'm mum to sons,Michael, the eldest is at York University studying Computer Science, Mason the younger one works for the UK's only independent telephone exchange, our very own local KCom, that of the famous cream telephone boxes.  I have a lovely fella, Patrick and we enjoy the same things, mainly food and drink!

Hobbies are knitting, which I take everywhere with me, reading or listening to audiobooks and podcasts and watching live entertainment, be that theatre, spoken word, music etc.  I also enjoy Real Ale and Belgian ales, having been converted to beer by my previously mentioned wonderful boyfriend, as well as nice wines and good food. 

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