Deep Hull

Deep Hull

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

I almost forgot....

I have been given an award by the lovely Shirley over at Squirrel's Knitting Conquests.  I'm chuffed to bits Squirrel, thank you so much!

Now I have to bestow this onto 15 other bloggers so I'll have to have a think about that. 

The other 'rule' is that I have to tell you seven things about myself...hmm:

  1. All I ever wanted to do when I was young was to work with animals..dogs in particular.  How the hell did I end up doing accounts in an office??
  2. I don't watch many movies nowadays because I get bored too easily and pick holes in plotlines.  However I adore old musicals, especially with Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra.  I could watch them over and over.
  3. My favourite flower is the daffodil.  I love the colour yellow and daffodils always herald the promise of milder weather and lighter nights.
  4. I cannot sing a note in tune...this does not prevent me from singing along at top volume to songs I love on the radio
  5. I hate ketchup, the stuff can actually make me retch if I get a whiff of it.
  6. I have been a Bob Geldof fan since around 1977 and still adore him now. 
  7. I hate hot weather.  It makes me lethargic and irritable.  I prefer to be colder rather than hot, at least I can put warm clothing on to remedy that. 
So, there are my seven things...I'm sure you all feel much better now you know!

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Here I am

Back again.  I've just been busy with other things and not really had time or motivation to blog recently.  However I do have some news for you.  As you all know, I'm a real ale enthusiast and CAMRA member.  Well for a good few months now I've been considering becoming more active in our local branch.  There is currently a core of four or five people who do absolutely everything and I've been feeling that I wanted to help out in some capacity. So firstly, I have volunteered to work at our Annual Beer Festival which is being held this week from 19th to 21st, I'll blog about my experience on both sides of the bar at the weekend hopefully.  Secondly and the main thing, I have joined the Committee as Pubs Officer for Hull.  This actually is quite an undertaking and I'm not entirely sure I thought it through properly before volunteering!!  However, I will give it my best shot.  Basically I have to make contact with licensees of pubs in Hull and report to committee and members of any news or changes, current branch members often report any news to the pubs officer already so that will help.  I also would like to encourage some licensees to become more involved in CAMRA promotional campaigns such as the discount scheme to get more CAMRA members through their doors and other campaigns that run throughout the year.  Previously there just have not been enough people in the committee to do everything needed so I'm hoping to take some of that on.  Now this would take a very confident and self-assured person one would think eh?  Anyone who knows me well, knows that I am neither of those things so this will be a challenge for me.  One I am looking forward to even though I am a little daunted by it.  Wish me luck!  The branch was also missing a proper webmaster due to the previous one having to give up due to work and family committments so Patrick has volunteered in that capacity too.  He has designed a new branch website and I'll link to that when it goes live.  It's been many hours of hard work but it's looking brilliant, we just need people to make decisions now before we can take it further.

In knitting news, my mojo went AWOL for a wee while but I've now finished the baby jacket for my work colleague.  I hope she's having a little 'un because this has turned out much smaller than I expected. 

I'm also halfway through the second of my Pretty Pink Bubbles socks.  I love these socks, the pattern is so easy and yet pretty.  The yarn which is Cygnet Wool Rich 4ply is a very cosy but I think it will felt easily so it will be hand wash with care for these.  I am also now determined to finish Maude Louise before I allow myself to cast on another thing.